No project is too big or to small for us to handle and we treat every project with the same respect and seriousness.
Our ambitious workers are fully trained, qualified and there is no room for mistakes.
In other words, they qualify for every project to get it from start to end, quickly and efficiently.


What perfect backyard doesn’t have a built in barbeque?

With so many options available you can have a second kitchen under the stars!

Grills,burners, warming trays, griddles, steamers, pizza ovens, smokers, refrigerators, sinks–whatever you can dream of we can install.


Southwest Foundations was the first company to place and finish basements in production homes in Southern Nevada. We excavate, pour the walls, damp proof the concrete, and backfill.

If your project requires poured in place walls, we have the equipment and know how to get the job done right and on time!

Cultured Stones

Give your home a luxurious feeling by adding a cultured stone façade to any wall.

There are many colors and styles to choose from to update exterior walls or fences, or accent walls inside your home.

Decorative Concrete

When a statement needs to be made, nothing is more dramatic than decorative concrete.  Whether you want that spectacular driveway or a unique fire pit, decorative concrete is a bold versatile option.

We have the craftsman to place color concrete, stain finish, salt finish, stamp finish, or exposed aggregate finish.

We are also experts at overlays–indoors or out, pool decks, resurfacing, and epoxy coating.

Desert Landscaping

We live in the desert!

Why not use the plants and water efficient options available?

We can help you design a beautiful and smart landscape that looks amazing and is easy on the budget.


Who wants to relax in front of a fire?  S’mores anyone?  A fire pit is the perfect outdoor addition that an affordable boost to your outdoor room.  Prefabricated block or custom, a fire pit adds that extra sparkle to your night.

Contact the professionals at SWF Construction to get those fires burning!


Foundations are our specialty!

We place and finish residential or commercial pads for any project size–new construction or additions.  We can build a pad for a large garage or a small shed–nothing is too big or too small!

Whether you require a conventional foundation, a post tension foundation, or a mono/two pour foundation, we do it all!

Masonry Walls

We can build any type of wall that you need.

From plain CMU block to interlocking keystone retaining walls, we do them all!

Water proofing is a must because of our high alkaline soils.  Be sure you choose us to ensure the life of your walls.


SWF Construction is a leader in total service to the customer by being able to start your project by laying your foundation and finish by landscaping your project!

We will set the foundation of your project and then finish the exterior with any type of off site concrete. We place and finish 24″ L curb, 30″ Roll curb, A curb, cross gutters, valley gutters, drop inlets, underdrains, box collars, and city sidewalk. Let us complete your project!

We can install CMU walls, boulder walls, keystone walls, or concrete retaining walls.

We can finish onsite concrete too!  Driveways, walks, or patios can be done in concrete or pavers in any finish.


Why not update that sad, old concrete with beautiful, new pavers?

There are many colors, styles, and sizes to improve the look and value of your home.


Let our team meet with you and design your new oasis in the desert.

Retaining Walls

Block, Keystone, or Concrete—we do them all!

Of course, they will be strong and beautiful!

Tropical Landscaping

Enjoy the shore side feeling of the beach right from your home. With a Tropical landscaping design to your backyard. Fire pits, palm trees, decorative rock, and rock water falls adds a great look to your tropical paradise!

Water Features

Water Features lend a sense of coolness and calm to your outdoor space.  If you choose a trickle or a splash, a feature can be just what is needed in that awkard space.  We can build rock waterfalls, install flowing pots, pre fabricated fountains or features.  Install lighting on the feature and you have a beautiful backdrop to any perfect evening.

Let us come into your yard and design a beautiful, calming feature for you.


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  • Firepits
  • Foundations
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  • Pavers
  • Pools
  • Retaining Walls
  • Tropical Landscaping
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